401 S/IS_Assessment/Stud. Appr
  • December 12th, 2013 - January 21st, 2014
    11:30 AM - 11:00 AM
    Administration Building
    301 4th St SW, Largo, FL
    Room - C201

    Component points - 6

    Target Audience: Teachers, Counselors, Administrators
    As a result of this training participants will: be able to use and understand Novanet correctly for credit recovery and remediation., Credit recovery for students and standardized test preparation to improve test scores.
    Cultural Objective: Provide differentiated instruction strategy using web-based technology to assist all students in credit recovery.
    Teacher Expectations: 1.2h. Use available technology tools and resources., 1.2i. Provide students with opportunities to use technology to support learning., 1.2g. Engage students in learning.
    Support Objectives: d) Job Knowledge, c) Initiative, b) Attitude/Growth
    Leadership Objectives: g) Learning, Accountability and Assessment, f) Instructional Leadership, j) Vision
    Operational Objectives: Identify the process for setting up online classes., Identify the process for assigning students the correct courses., Identify the process for evaluating and assessing progress.
    Additional Info: This one day workshop will enable participants to differentiate between the Legacy Novanet learning system and the newer Courseware system. Participants should be able to utilize this new online system to teach many courses in Pinellas County in complian
    Author: Diana Lenox - lenoxd@pcsb.org
    Department: Drop Out Prevention
    Phone: 588-6064

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