211 VocEd_Voc/Tech Ed Unclass
  • February 11th, 2014

    2:30 PM - 5:30 PM
    PTEC - Clearwater 
    6100 154th Ave N,  Clearwater, FL 
    Room - 002

    Component points - 3

    Target Audience: Post-secondary instructors
    As a result of this training participants will: develop and/ or update the skills in their assigned content area., Teachers will develop objectives that are essential for instruction to ensure every student masters essential knowledge and skills.
    Cultural Objective: Identify Learning/Communication Styles of diverse groups.
    Teacher Expectations: 1.1c. Use multiple assessments and information to plan instruction., 1.2a. Plan and organize for effective instruction., 3.1 b. Adhere to state, district and school guidelines and policies.
    Additional Info: Prior approval of the Curriculum Coordinator is required to participate in this training
    Author: Radiah Dent-Palmer - Dent-palmerr@pcsb.org
    Department: pTEC
    Phone: 538-7167 ext. 2011

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