Login Information for Moodlelms

For Employees of Pinellas County Schools (Teacher, Administrators, and Support Staff)

Use your login for the Pinellas Domain or what is referred to as your "network" userid and password. Example: Pat Lusher's username would be "lusherp" and the password she changes every 90 days.

If you are having trouble with your network password, please contact the Help Desk at 588-6060.

For Students of Pinellas County Schools

All students are provided with a Pinellas Domain UserName and Password by the county.
Student UserNames are in the format xx.xx, where x is a letter or numeral (example - r2.d2)
Student Passwords are INITIALLY set to the last 8 digits of the StudentID.

Teachers will need to download student login information and share it with their students using Moodle. Student login information is located in SASI on the Demographic Screen, page 5. Student login information may be viewed and printed for a class by following the directions in PCS Wiki at: ClassXP Information for Student Logins (requires employee login as described above).

For all others

This is a secure site only for the use of Pinellas County Schools Staff and Students.

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